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The following services related to offshore platforms and rigs are provided by experienced Nautilus associates: (Patent #  6,718,900)

Rig Concepts:

  • Deepwater rig concepts.
  • Modularity and efficiencies.
  • Design for creative workover and drilling applications.
  • Rig upgrades and accessories.
  • Using existing technology.
  • Incorporating new technology.
  • Time and motion studies.

Load Attenuation Programs:

  • Restructuring and removing redundant loads.
  • Discovering expendable loads.

Nautilus Project Examples:

I Rig Alignment StudyBP Trinidad
II Load Reduction AnalysisEnsco
III Dynamic Rig Adaptor Kit  Nabors Offshore Company
IV 2000 hp Modular Rig UpgradeNabors Drilling International
V Minimum Space Drilling - Petrobras
VI Single Boat Workover Samedan Oil, Israel
VII SPAR Rig Design El Paso & Conoco

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