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Load Storage System    (Patent #  6,718,900)

Storage system used to store fluid or bulk variable loads close to the host. Using this system allows Operators and Drilling Contractors to remove large variable loads from SPARS, TLPs, jack-up, semis, drillships or static platforms. Variable loads such as drill water, potable water, drilling muds, completion fluids and bulk materials are transferred to and from the system at rapid rates. 


  • Provides very large load reductions to the host (Rig, SPAR, TLP, Platform, Ship)

  • Easy to install and relocate.

  • High pump rates to and from the host structure.

  • Pump redundancy for loss of primary pump.


  • Large weight reduction:
    Store 2,000 bbls of drill water and remove 700 kips from the host.
    Store 1,500 bbls of 15 ppg mud and remove nearly 1,000 kips of weight from the host.

  • Large cost savings:
    Floating vessels such as Spars, TLPs, Semi’s and Drillships requires 3 lbs of buoyancy supporting steel to support one pound of top deck loading. Removing 1,000 kips of top deck load requirements reduce the buoyancy supporting steel requirements by 3,000 kips. Using the low end of $2.50 in steel fabrication costs, 3,000 kips could amount to roughly $7.5MM in cost savings to the manufacture of the host structure

  • Upgrade to existing ocean structures.
    Using this system to remove large load reductions from hosts will allow:

  • Floating drilling vessels to work in deeper water (upgrade)

  • Jack-ups to store more fluids without depending on boats to stand-by. (upgrade)

  • Fixed platforms to store more fluid when needed. (upgrade)

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